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    My best friends are awesome they are always their for me no matter what! They are the horse lover Brooke, the amazing dancer Jenna, The awesome basketball player Brittany, the kohl lover Danielle, Christina, Andi, Kaleigh, and Steve, Christian. I have known  Christina, Andi, Kaleigh practically forever! Andi I have definitely known forever, and Christina since Kindergarten and Kaleigh since first grade. People say that Me, Andi, Christina, and Kaleigh have always been together us four always hang out and have the best of times! Some of the things we do are swimming, hanging out at someone's house, washing cars, going to Cold stone Creamery, dance on garbage cans ( don't ask ), dance like losers, taking dumb pictures, laugh for completely no reason but hey that's why we're best friends! Jenna is a amazing dancer. Danielle well Danielle loves the store Kohl's but she is so funny and is a dork sometimes but when it comes down to it she's always their for me! Brooke loves her Bart! Bart is her horse. She is so fun to hang out with we always have a blast!


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